Silk Mohair 2ply - Toffee Apple


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Exquisite 2ply yarn comprising of Fine Kid Mohair 72% and Mulberry Silk 28%. Use this luxurious yarn on its own to create stunning, light-as-air projects or hold a strand together with another yarn, such as an 8ply Merino, to add a touch of fluffy, silky elegance.

Toffee Apple is a sweet but wholesome blend of pinks, warm oranges, coral, burgundy/brown and golden tones.

Small batch, hand-dyed yarn from Heather Weir's studio in Lower Hutt, Aotearoa/New Zealand. Everything, from sourcing the yarn to shipping, is done with love and care by hand. The nature of hand-dyed yarn is that no two skeins are exactly the same, creating beautifully nuanced colourways. 

Heather sources the finest quality, fully traceable and mulesing-free, ethically, sustainably farmed yarns from New Zealand and abroad.  

The dyes used are made in Australia and New Zealand. They are acid dyes that are used for dyeing protein-based fibre (such as wool and silk). Every care is taken to use only the quantities necessary to create the colourways. This means that the dyepot is fully exhausted when the dyeing is complete - that is, the water is clear, so it can be reused for the next batch

Please note, as this product is hand dyed there will be colour variation between batches.
Composition: Fine Kid Mohair 72% and Mulberry Silk 28%

Weight: 20g 2ply/Laceweight

Length: 168m 

Suggested needle size: 2mm - 4mm depending on the fabric required for your project

Gauge: Flexible

Recommended Care: Handwash only in cold/tepid water using a mild liquid wool detergent.  Cold rinse and gently roll your garment in a towel or two to squeeze the water out then lie flat out of direct sunlight to dry.